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Everything you need to know about
Hiring a 4WD Mine Spec Vehicle

Hiring a 4WD Mine Spec Vehicle is the ideal solution for those working on mine sites. Here, the terrain can often be very muddy, rocky, and uneven. With all the different customisations, accessories and various vehicles to select from, the process of choosing the best mine spec hire vehicle can sometimes appear to be quite complicated. However, at Fleetcrew, you can rely on us to point you in the right direction — each and every time! 

Mine spec vehicle going through shallow water

To make things a whole lot easier for you, we’ve created a is a general guide of what you need to know when choosing a mine spec vehicle


Best 4WD vehicle hire types

For those companies selecting a mine spec vehicle to hire, there is always a major factor at play. This being, having the assurance that any vehicle used on a mine site (and for mine-related work), is one that has a strong and durable base model. This is the practical guarantee that the hire vehicle will indeed be capable of performing the tough tasks required in mines. 

This base model, with the added accessories and customisation, will need to be able to withstand extended periods of use, and function without breakdowns or other major issues.

When hiring a mine spec vehicle, a 4WD vehicle is simply the way to go. The 4WD functionality has the capacity to handle the rugged off-road terrain and stand up to any rough-and-ready task a mine-site.

At Fleetcrew, we use Toyota as the base model.  With further mine spec customisation applied, our Toyotas are some of the most reliable vehicles anywhere.

Check out our fleet of mine spec vehicles to discover our complete range available.



Fleetcrew terms of hire

At Fleetcrew, we offer both short-term hire or long-term hire of mine spec vehicles for mining companies.

We have an in-house team of mechanics, who provide full maintenance and servicing for all of our vehicles. They are trained and qualified in fit-outs, including IVMS (and are also authorised fitters of suspension for GVM upgrades). This boosts the load capacity and off-road performance of our vehicles. This is the type of work completed both before hire and after hire, ensuring our vehicles are always at the ready and are functioning in optimum working condition for all your needs in mine-related work. 

Mine spec vehicle hire maintenance

Our experience, knowledge, and due diligence enable us to make ongoing changes and customisations for your mine spec vehicle hire.




Safety features and accessories for mine spec vehicle hires

Upgrading and adding accessories to your base vehicle will not only provide extra safety, but will also meet the requirements for certain accessories enforced by some mine sites. Such as mine spec vehicle safety requirements for BHP mines.

There are key mine spec accessories you should prioritise to ensure any suitable vehicle is ready for the mines. These include:

  • IVMS (In-vehicle monitoring system)
  • Visibility accessories – spotlights, mine light bars, reverse beepers, reflective tapes, high visibility flags, and safety triangle
  • VHF and UHF radio communication
  • ROPS (Roll-Over protection systems)

See below for the full range of mine spec customisations Fleetcrew offers for mine spec:

FleetCrew Mine Spec Vehicle Customisation


You’ve got to agree that Toyota stands up for its reliability in just about anyone’s book! The kind of peace of mind that comes from this is one of our key differences at FleetCrew. Plus, you can rely on us to communicate with you throughout your mine spec vehicle hire phase. This means everything is sure to run smoothly and in tip-top shape. We fully realise your safety imperatives and our stringent protocols are in place to ensure both your people and your operations are well-looked after.  

Contact Fleetcrew to take the hassle out of any mine spec vehicle hire process. Let us help you get on the road quicker and with a much higher level of quality assurance!


We look forward to creating a solution for you.

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