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Understanding Customised
Specifications for Mine Spec vehicles

Due to the vastly differing operating conditions and operational health and safety concerns found in the Australian mining industry, each mine has developed a set of specifications governing the vehicles operating onsite. These vehicles, generically known as Mine-Spec vehicles, have to comply with specifications tailored to each mine’s safety and optional equipment requirements.

Mine Spec Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series Toop Carrier

Specifications cover all aspects of the vehicles safety, function and performance while on mining property. Additionally, different sites have different requirements for safety standards. Therefore the specifications and safety list is lengthy, and compliance can be a complex for inexperienced companies.

With over 25 years’ experience and a team of skilled specialists, Brisbane’s FleetCrew supply customised Mine Spec vehicles to meet the unique requirements of each mine. These hire vehicles are purpose built to ensure all safety and functional requirements of the respective mining operations are met.

To build the best Mine Spec vehicles, it’s important that the base vehicles are capable of operating for extended periods without breakdowns. Because of their inherent ruggedness and durability we use the following vehicles:

Customised packages such as the Santos spec, QGC spec, Origin spec, BMA spec and Arrow Energy spec have all been developed around unique equipment specification requirements and make it easy for operators to select the correct vehicle specification.

The 4WD Mine Spec rental vehicles developed for Santos are good examples of such a customised specification. These vehicles showcase FleetCrew’s ability to produce vehicles that meet the very highest standards for the customer and the mine site.

mine spec vehicles for Australian Mine sites


Mine Spec Vehicles Customised For LNG Mining Companies

Working in a hazardous environment requires safety to be a high priority for the operators of 4WD rental Mine Spec vehicles. While several systems are fitted to achieve these levels of safety, the Roll-Over-Protection-System (ROPS) is particularly important in protecting the vehicle’s occupants in the event of an accident.

With roll-overs a fairly common occurrence in the mining environment, ROPS absorb the energy generated in a roll-over and are carefully engineered to integrate with the existing structural safety features of the vehicle.

To further enhance vehicle safety and functionality in the mines an In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) can be fitted.  The system records functional data such as driver identification; vehicle speed and distance travelled: all of which is required to monitor driver behaviour and record vehicle information to improve operator training and vehicle specifications.

The functionality of the IVMS is further customised with the fitment of Securatrak GPS tracking that can enable 24/7 monitoring of the vehicle’s movements.

Mine Spec vehicle Customisations and parts


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Other common Mine Specs which FleetCrew fits to our Mine Spec vehicles that operate in the mines and gas fields of the Surat or Bowen Basin’s include the following:

Improved Visibility Equipment:

  • A 3-3.5 metres Dune Pole/Reflective Flag is fitted to the left-hand side of the vehicle to ensure the vehicle is visible at all times when traversing rough terrain
  • Each vehicle’s unique call sign ID signage is prominently displayed so that it is easily identified from a distance
  • The headlights on/tail lights function make vehicles highly visible in all conditions
  • An amber rotating safety beacon gives early warning to other operators of the presence of the mine spec vehicle
  • A comprehensive First Aid Kit is supplied with every vehicle, allowing for rapid treatment of injuries in case of a medical emergency
  • The Reverse Warning Beeper alerts anyone standing behind the vehicle of the operators intention to move in reverse
  • The Cargo Barrier fitted to wagons keeps occupants safe from injury from unsecured objects in the cabin

To further enhance safety. FleetCrew fits the following equipment to improve vehicle identification, communication and operator safety:

  • High visibility reflective tape ensures the vehicle remains visible from all angles in poor light
  • A bull bar protects the vehicle from minor damages often accumulated while travelling to and from sites
  • All-terrain tyres provide extra traction and improved toughness on the dirt and other off road services
  • Often operating in rocky terrain, the additional spare wheel helps prevent the likelihood of being stranded due to a blown tyre.
  • The UHF Radio keeps the operator in contact with the controller and other operators
  • Should the vehicle need to be parked in a compromised position, the safety triangle offers ample warning to approaching traffic
  • Wheel Nut Indicators are fitted to every wheel nut on the vehicle so that operators can see at a glance if wheel nuts have loosened and need attention
  • Wheel chocks can prevent accidental movement of a parked vehicle. Chocks are placed for safety in addition to setting the brakes and are often required to be used in mining operations
  • Fire poses an extreme danger in many mining operations; therefore every vehicle is fitted with a Fire Extinguisher. Different size Fire Extinguishers are often required for different sites.

The following optional extras can be fitted on request:

  • VHF Radios for different communication site requirements.
  • A Weed and Seed Declaration verifies compliance with prevailing environmental regulations. This is important as it’s illegal to move or transport a vehicle on a road if the vehicle or its’ load is contaminated with a declared plant. Contamination can occur when a vehicle is driven through a weed-infested area. Such vehicles need to be meticulously cleaned to remove contamination from tyre treads, radiators, license plates and the chassis.
  • The optional Electric Brake Controller if required for towing.

Hiring a mine spec vehicle is more than meeting stringent mining regulations and customer requirements; it’s about peace of mind that the vehicle is fit for function and is correctly engineered for the environment in which it operates. It helps you safely get the job done.

quality costumer service

Besides offering hire vehicles, purpose built to the most stringent standards, FleetCrew’s dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced team delivers flexibility and reliability at its best. With every vehicle backed up by a comprehensive maintenance program, FleetCrew is the preferred supplier for many companies of Mine-Spec hired vehicles in the Brisbane area.

We look forward to creating a solution for you.

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