Fleet Crew embraces corporate social responsibility and aims to have a positive impact on our key stakeholders through our activities with the local community. We sponsor, support and donate to a number of local community organisations and charities. Our environmental policy is the foundation set to ensure our carbon impact is always minimised. We maintain and uphold environmental licences and guidelines. We ensure all waste is disposed of in the appropriate manner and wherever possible recycling is used. In addition, our workshops have independent environmental audits conducted periodically to ensure we are employing environmentally friendly best practices.


North Brisbane Rugby 2nd Grade Premiers 2014

2014 Norths Brisbane 2nd Grade Premiers
2014 NorthBrisbane 2nd Grade

2014 Pan Pacific Masters Games Rugby League Gold Medal Winners – Mean Team

2014 PanPacific Masters Gold Medal Side - MeanTeam
2014 PanPacific Masters Mean Team


2014 EB Cross Country Charity Ride for Debra Australia

DEBRA (Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association) Australia is a not for profit volunteer based organisation that does not receive any direct Government funding. One of the key objectives of Debra Australia is to educate and support families living with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a rare disease whereby the skin blisters and peels at the slightest touch. Living with EB has been likened to living with third degree burns. It is very painful, and sufferers must be bandaged every day with dressings to protect and medicate their wounds.
The EB Cross Country Adventure Ride 10 day event was a great success with $40,000 raised for the national EB Nurse Program. FleetCrew was pleased to support this event and look forward to doing the same in 2015.
Visit the website:

2014 EB Cross Country Charity Ride for Debra Australia
2014 EB Cross Country Adventure Ride for Debra Australia
2014 EB Cross Country Adventure Ride for Debra Australia Support Vehicle

2018 Road Boss Rally

Road Boss Rally is a charitable event that raises valuable funds for GIVIT – Goods For Good Causes, a not-for-profit connecting those ‘who have with those who need, in a private and safe way’. FleetCrew was the major naming sponsor of the 2018 Road Boss Rally. The rally was launched in spectacular style with a few of the rally cars floating down the Brisbane river (on a barge).

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