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What makes a mine spec
vehicle suitable for the mines?

Australia’s mining industry has an ever-important role to play in the national economy. As such, the tools and equipment involved — namely mine spec vehicles — are heavily regulated as part of the light vehicle and safety requirements.

These requirements originate and are updated to enforce the guidelines used to establish operational health and safety within the mining industry.

Ensuring your vehicle is compliant with the regulations and standards, with regards to operational mine-site safety, is a necessary consideration to take. Here is all you will need to know about making sure your mine spec vehicle fleet hire is mine-site compliant.


Why do mines require mine spec vehicles?

The requirements come from both the state governments, such as in WA or in QLD, and from the mine owners, for example the safety requirements for BHP mines; all of whom are regularly reviewing and updating the industry standards.

Over time, these requirements have been updated to provide maximum safety and reliability for all persons working on a mine site.

One thing to note is that there is no standard ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to vehicle modifications and accessory upgrades for every mine site. Each site will have their own requirements on necessary accessories for mine-site health and safety. For new and existing companies, figuring this out can be a complex and time-consuming task. At Fleetcrew, we make this process quick and simple to get you on the road quicker.


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Which are the best vehicles for mine-spec work and modifications?

An essential consideration for any mining company to make is to know that the vehicles you will be using for mine-spec work have a solid and reliable base model; one that is capable of performing to the rigorous high standards required in mines. This base model will need to be able to withstand extended periods of use, and function without breakdowns or other major issues.

At Fleetcrew, we use Toyotas as the base model as they are one of the most reliable vehicles on the road. Below are the models that operate best for mining operation tasks at the highest standard. This is due to their inherent safety, reliability, and overall functionality:

Mine spec toyota hilux single cabMine spec Toyota Hilux dual cab



Mine Spec Toyota Landcruiser 70 series single cabMine spec Toyota Landcruiser 70 series dual cab




Mine spec Toyota Landcruiser 70 series wagon 5 seater



Essential accessories to consider for your mine spec vehicle

When upgrading and adding accessories to your base vehicle, there are some key mine spec accessories you should prioritise to ensure the vehicle is ready for the mines:

IVMS (In-vehicle monitoring system) – This accessory takes care of recording data regarding driver identification and behavior, vehicle speed, and the total distance travelled during trips.

Visibility accessories – These accessories include: spotlights, mine light bars, reverse beepers, reflective tapes, high visibility flags, and safety triangles.

Communication accessories – VHF radio, UHF radio.

ROPS (Roll-Over protection systems) – Mine sites very often provide extremely uneven terrain for which the on-site vehicles face the risk of rolling. In the event of an accident, however, the ROPS can help ensure the vehicle occupants are kept safe.

See below for the mine spec accessories that Fleetcrew can install to make your vehicle mine-site ready.


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Mine spec vehicle safety and reliability

The safety and maintenance of mine-spec vehicles can be a costly addition to any business. Because of this, it is essential to hire your vehicle from an organisation like Fleetcrew who understands these costs and the importance they have on your business, and your operations in the mine site.

Our team of mechanics is skilled and specially trained to make sure that your mine spec vehicle is operating at maximum performance.  This means ensuring all mechanical repairs and servicing are kept up-to-date. Plus, tyres, batteries, air conditioning, and repairs to all the safety equipment and mine spec accessories are correctly and regularly fitted.

Toyota is one of the most reliable vehicle manufacturers out there so you have that base-level assurance. Plus, you have the extra peace-of-mind in knowing we will keep in touch with you throughout your vehicle lease so that everything is guaranteed to remain in tip-top working order. While you have one of our vehicles to make sure that everything is in working order for you. You and your team’s safety and continued flow of operations are paramount.

onsite maintenance at mine site


We will work with you to ensure the vehicles you hire are fitted with the correct specifications you need to get on-site. Please let us know where your 4WD vehicle is heading, so we can make sure it is equipped as needed prior to collection. Please read Understanding custom mine specifications to learn more about how FleetCrew customises vehicles to meet mine specifications. Check our complete fleet of mine spec vehicles to discover our complete range available.


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