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Light Vehicle Mine
Spec Hire Customisations


Working in the mining and construction industries can be challenging. One such challenge is the ongoing need to remain compliant to light vehicle and safety requirements of specific mining sites. In the absence of stringent government regulations, each company determines what they believe to be best practices in terms of the safety requirements of a construction or mining site. Without a standardised safety regulation across mining and construction sites, the safety regulations for light vehicles will vary.

FleetCrew can help you with the responsibility of ensuring that the 4WD vehicles we hire out to you will pass the safety inspections of a site, so there is no need to worry. We are specialists in 4WD mining and construction specifications for light hire vehicles. We know that our customers have different requirements for their four-wheel drive vehicle hire. Safeguarding safety is serious, so we put in the time required to know exactly what our clients require, and continuously review and monitor the light vehicle mine specifications across a multitude of sites.


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The Fleet Crew Difference

Our experience, knowledge, and due diligence enable us to make ongoing changes and customisations to our fleet. The goal is to maintain a fleet that is always compliant to industry demands and the needs of our customers. FleetCrew sustains well equipped workshops to make customisation and updates possible.

Our promise to costumers:

1. 4WD vehicles hired with quality safety features to meet the light vehicle requirements
2. A qualified team to adequately and properly maintain equipment to the highest standards
3. A team of specialised and trained mechanics and fitters look after our fleet
4. A carefully selected supply chain
5. Excellent customer service that is professional and responsive to customer needs

Mine Specification Accessories:

• Bull Bar: bar at the front of a vehicle to increase safety reduce injury if there is an accident
• Spot Lights: used to increase visibility of objects outside of the vehicle
• Mine Light Bar with Reverse Beeper: sound to alert others when vehicle moves in reverse and a light flashes at the top of the vehicle to increases vehicle visibility
• Fire Extinguisher: all vehicles come equipped with a fire extinguisher to put out fires
• Reflective Tape: bright reflective tape added to sides and rear of vehicle to increase vehicle visibility
• Safety Triangles: used to guide traffic when the vehicle is stopped on the road
• Wheel chock: to prevent vehicles from rolling away when parked
• High Visibility Flag: increase visibility for oncoming traffic when going over blind hills
• Wheel Nut Indicators: indicators highlight when wheel nuts start to become loose
• Call Sign/ID Signage: allows vehicles to be individually identified
• Jump Start Receptacles: locks out the entire vehicle’s power as a fail-safe
• Starter Motor Isolater: switch that isolates power to the vehicles starter motor
• Battery Isolator: switch to isolate the power to the entire vehicle
• UHF Radio: 80 channels for two way communication in remote locations with limited reception
• Optional VHF Radio: extends frequency of communication from 30MHz to 300MHz
• IVMS: in-vehicle monitoring system
• Roll Over Protection (ROPS): internal or external bars for added safety in case the vehicle rolls over
• Optional Tool Boxes: case that stores tools within the vehicle
• Spare tyres: multiple spares prevent becoming stranded
• Tow Bar: assist in towing a trailer when you need to carry additional load
• First Aid Kit: A kit to treat injures and health complications in an emergency

FleetCrew is here to help.

We will work with you to ensure the vehicles you hire are picked up with the correct specifications you need to get on-site. Please let us know where your 4WD vehicle is heading, so we can make sure it is equipped as needed prior to collection. Please read Understanding custom mine specifications to learn more about how FleetCrew customises our vehicles to meet mine specifications. Check our complete fleet of mine spec vehicles available.

Experience the FleetCrew difference for yourself!

We look forward to creating a solution for you.

If you have an enquiry or would like more information then please fill in the enquiry form and we will get back to you asap during business hours.

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