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What’s included in FleetCrew’s Hilux Mine Spec hire?

Hilux Mine Spec hire vehicles are a leading choice for most mining companies due to their heavy-duty build, strong engine and great suspension system. With room to throw a few hundred kilograms worth of materials and tools in the steel tray back, they really help ‘take the load off’ valued workers. Not to mention their ANCAP 5-Star Safety rating

In this blog, we discuss what’s included in our Hilux Mine Spec hire, the benefits of hiring over buying, and some of FleetCrew’s top-rated hire options.


The Best Selling Ute in Australia

At FleetCrew, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality Mine Spec fleets. That’s why we use Toyota as a base model. Our Hilux Mine Spec range meets the highest standard of safety, performance and are 100% customisable to suit all mine site requirements, including: 

  • BMA
  • MIM
  • Glencore
  • QGC
  • Arrow
  • Santos
  • Origin
  • Jemena
  • MMG
  • Anglo American and various others.

FleetCrew_Mine_Spec_Vehicle Customisation - Included features in FleetCrew's Hilux Mine Spec Hire

FleetCrew’s Hilux Mine Spec hire options

Tray Back Single Cab SR – 4WD 2 Seater Mine Spec

For quick, easy and reliable transportation around your mine site, you can’t go past our safe and sturdy 2 seater tray back. This trusted Hilux Mine Spec hire features automatic transmission, 2.8L turbo diesel engine and 3.2T braked towing capacity. 



Tray Back Dual Cab SR – 4WD Diesel 5 Seater Mine Spec

Our most popular Mine Spec hire vehicle – spacious, reliable and fitted with a heavy-duty steel tray with reinforced headboard style Roll Over Protection System (ROPS). With a 2.8L turbo diesel engine and 3.2T braked towing capacity, this vehicle ensures top performance, comfort and safety.



Dual Cab SR – 4WD with Canopy 5 Seater Mine Spec

Our Dual Cab with Canopy is an excellent choice for extra equipment protection, shelter, and vehicle stability. Featuring the same 2.8L turbo diesel engine and 3.2T braked towing capacity as our tray back, the added canopy can enhance the overall performance, look, and value of your Hilux Mine Spec hire. 



Why choose Toyota for a Mine Spec vehicle?

Working in the mines is a tough gig. There’s little ‘downtime’, and you’re often exposed to high dust levels, pests, heat and rough terrain. So ensuring your workers have the right equipment, safety measures and vehicles to navigate your mine site is essential to their health and wellbeing and overall site compliance. 

Included features in FleetCrew's Hilux Mine Spec Hire

Our Toyota Hilux utes are the safest, most reliable Mine Spec vehicle for navigating sites of all terrains and sizes. As a leading Mine Spec hire service, our experienced team of mechanics have the knowledge, skill and workshop to customise your fleet to comply with all site regulations. 

To learn more about Mine Spec Vehicle requirements, check out this blog.


Should I hire or buy a Hilux Mine Spec for my business?

Hiring Mine Spec vehicles is rapidly becoming the favoured option for most businesses for the following reasons:

  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Warranty protection
  • Consistent upgrades 
  • Strengthened brand image
  • Guaranteed compliance




Cost-effective & Reliable Hilux Mine Spec Hire

It’s important to hire your Mine Spec fleet from an experienced organisation like FleetCrew who understands the challenges and operations of your business.

Our team is specially trained to ensure that your Mine Spec vehicle is operating at maximum performance and fitted out to comply with your site requirements.

Our hire service includes:

  • All 4WD Toyota models
  • 2WD Toyota commercial options
  • Long Term and Short Term Hire
  • New and second-hand vehicles 
  • Accessible and experienced 4WD specialists
  • Full Mine Spec fit-outs
  • No Hidden Fees or Depreciation Costs
  • Eastern states fleet delivery for long term hires

We look forward to creating a solution for you.

If you have an enquiry or would like more information then please fill in the enquiry form and we will get back to you asap during business hours.

If you are seeking a quote for a particular vehicle/s, please visit our Get A Quote page or if want to further information, please visit our FAQs page.

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