Eight Tips for Preparing For a South East QLD 4WD Camping Trip

There’s nothing more exhilarating than hitting the open road on a 4WD camping adventure. Australia has some of the best 4WD off-road tracks in the world. From the Birdsville Track to the Simpson Desert and Cape York, Australia is the Great Southern Land of 4WDing. If you live in South East Queensland, you don’t have to go far to experience an unbeatable 4WD adventure. We’re literally spoilt with some of the best beach 4WD spots in Australia including Fraser Island, North Stradbroke Island and Moreton Island. All this in a couple of hours drive of Brisbane. We also have some of the most stunning national parks, ideal for a 4WD drive adventure, including Border Ranges, Lamington National Park or Mount Barney. Here are eight tips to help you prepare for your South East QLD 4WD camping trip.

1. Don’t overload your vehicle

Preparing For a South East QLD 4WD Camping Trip - Smartly Packed 4WD

Preparing For a South East QLD 4WD Camping Trip – Smartly Packed 4WD

One of the most important tips for your camping trip is to pack light. The weight of your vehicle adds up quickly, particularly if you have a trailer and gear on your roof racks. Keep safe and check the weight limits. If you are hiring a 4WD, then talk to us about the weight limits for your vehicle.

You don’t need a coffee machine, toaster and eight pairs of shoes. Remember, everything has more than one use. Choose light and warm clothes, such as thermals that can be layered and will dry quickly. A 4WD camping adventure means roughing it a bit. Cook your toast and billy tea over an open fire instead.

2. Water

You’ll need between 5-10 litres of water, per person, per day. In dry, hot climates, you may need more. The best tip is to plan well. Know where you are going and find out if there is water available for bathing and drinking. Take water purification tablets and a billy to boil your drinking water. You don’t want to overload your vehicle so preparation is a must. Make sure you’ve got enough water for your trip. The best thing about an SEQ camping trip is that you can stay close to water. Fraser Island, Moreton Island or Straddie, a stone’s throw from Brisbane, are unbeatable camping spots.

3. Food

Preparing For a South East QLD 4WD Camping Trip - Yummy Camping Food

Preparing For a South East QLD 4WD Camping Trip – Yummy Camping Food

Before you leave, plan the meals for your trip. No one wants to live on a week of canned baked beans! Take easy to prepare, nutritious and long life food, such as canned lentils, spaghetti and vegetables. There’s nothing more hearty than a bowl of porridge with drizzled maple syrup and fresh fruit. Rolled oats will give you the energy you need for a day of hiking and exploring, while long life milk won’t spoil or take up valuable room in your Esky or 12V fridge.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables. Potatoes, oranges, sweet potatoes and apples will keep well.
  • Packets of wraps and rice crackers.
  • Trail mixes with nuts, dried fruit, pepitas and sunflower seeds.
  • Home-made granola or dehydrated snacks
  • Noodles, pasta, tacos and even couscous.
  • Muesli bars and chocolate (energy food)

Will you be storing cold items in an Esky or a 12V fridge/freezer? This will give you more options for food, including homemade, frozen meals.

4. Take firewood

Preparing For a South East QLD 4WD Camping Trip - Enjoying an open campfire at the beach

Preparing For a South East QLD 4WD Camping Trip – Enjoying an open campfire at the beach

There’s nothing like a cosy open campfire, but you can’t collect firewood or kindling in Queensland National Parks. Check out this guide to find out about campfires, fire bans, barbeques and fuel stoves. If you bring your own fuel stove make sure you use manufactured fuels, gas or solid fuels (such as briquettes or heat beads). Many parks and forests provide free barbeques.

5. Tools and spare parts

The great thing about hiring a 4WD is that you can call us on 1300 551 400 and vehicles are registered with RACQ for 24-hour breakdown assistance across Australia. You get a fully serviced, well-maintained vehicle and you won’t have to worry about the condition of your vehicle. If you have your own 4WD, make sure you get it serviced before you leave on your trip and ensure that you have tools, spare parts and a spare tyre. Get a mechanical inspection to make sure you’re prepared with the spare parts you need.

6. First Aid and Safety

Take a fully equipped first aid kit. In terms of safety gear, you’ll need leather gloves, tarps, flashlights, matches/lighter, personal medications, snake bite kit and an emergency blanket

If you are hiring a 4WD, it will come with a first aid kit and an 80 channel UHF Radio, which is vital in an emergency.

7. Personal items

Preparing For a South East QLD 4WD Camping Trip - The best camping nights

Preparing For a South East QLD 4WD Camping Trip – The best camping nights

It’s pretty obvious that you’ll need a rain jacket and windbreaker, plenty of fast-drying clothing and a pair of good walking boots. A pair of thongs come in handy if you’re staying in a caravan park or camping grounds. Don’t forget mozzie cream, hand sanitiser, sunscreen and toilet paper.

8. Spare fuel

Get prepared and fill two jerry cans with spare fuel for your trip. Plan ahead and know where the closest petrol stations are located, for every leg of your journey, and keep an eye on your fuel gauge.

Hire a 4WD for your next 4WD camping adventure. Our reliable and fully serviced vehicles are available for your Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, SEQ and Australia-wide trips. Whether you need a Recreational 4WD, Mine Hire Vehicle or a Construction & Civil fleet hire, Fleet Crew have got your on road or off road needs covered.


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