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Everything about Mine
Spec 4WD Vehicle Hire

Light Mine Spec Hire Vehicles

Mining sites are some of the toughest workplaces and any vehicles venturing onsite will have to be equally tough on a scale not seen in any other industry. Accidents related to vehicles are always in the public eye and the mining industry is scrutinised like no other.

Due to the diverse mine site conditions each mine has developed a set of specifications governing the vehicles operating onsite. These vehicles are generically known as Mine-Spec vehicles. We will be talking about Light Mine Spec Vehicles which are used for driving above ground on mine sites in Australia.

fleetcrew vehicle at mine site


Standard 4WD Vs Mine Spec 4WD

Standard 4WD vehicles are generally off-road driving ready, and may seem ok for mine sites but that is not usually the case. The standard 4WD’s are customised with after market add-on accessories to increase the 4WD vehicle safety, visibility,  performance and function for mining sites. These add-ons are called mine spec add-ons hence the term “Mine Spec Vehicles”.

Due to the extremely hazardous environment and safety concerns at different Mine sites, add-ons are mandatory requirements. It takes experience to become an authority on light vehicle mine spec compliance while ensuring the lowest cost & risk reductions.

mine spec landcruise 70 series 4wd


What are the add-ons used for Mine Specs?

In addition to the standard legislative requirements, each mining company has unique specifications for the vehicles allowed on their sites. Some of these may be optional on one site, but mandatory on another and working your way through these myriads of conflicting requirements can take up lots of your valuable time.

Specifications cover all aspects of the vehicles safety, function and performance while on mining property.

Usually most of the specs are related to health and safety. Increasing the safety of the vehicle and the driver, safety of site traffic and other vehicles are the main requirements.

Please refer to mine specification vehicle customisations for a detailed case study on add-on, fit-outs and customisations for LNG mining companies.

For example, one company may require a 4.5kg fire extinguisher, but another only a 2.5kg or a 1kg.


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Then one company may have specific requirements as to where the dune pole must be fitted and others will have had extremely detailed instructions for what constitutes a compliant call sign. Some sites require Roadworthy/Safety Certificates while some other sites want Weed and Seed Declarations.

Our team of experts will take all the effort out of this and make sure that the vehicle you take onto a specific mine site complies with their requirements.

The Mine Specifications Matrix below will give you a good idea of what is required, but please note that this is not a comprehensive checklist and Fleetcrew gives no warranties for accuracy as individual organisations regularly change their requirements.

The purpose of the Matrix is to provide a quick reference however more detailed information is necessary to ensure the specifications on the vehicle will be compliant and therefore enable the contractor/driver on site.

This is just a summary of some of the major organisations, there are many more with there own specific checklist.

You will need to confirm with the site, you will be travelling to for the specific Light Vehicle Specifications required. Once you have the specific Light Vehicle Specifications for the site FleetCrew can assist to make sure the FleetCrew Mine Spec Vehicle you hire will meet the site requirements.


Light Vehicle 4WD Mine Specifications Matrix

Summarised Various Major Standards in QLD – Hire/Contractor Vehicles.

Mine Spec Accessories for All Light Vehicles

Mine Specs by Organisation

BMA – Ancap 5* Santos Arrow QGC MIM Jemena NEGI Pipeline** MMG Origin
Call Sign ID Stickers M M O M M O M O
Dune Pole/Flag M M M M M M O M
Fire Extinguisher O M M M M M M M
Rotating Amber Light M M O M M M M O
Elevated Tail Lights M O O M O M O O
First Aid Kit O M M M O M^^ M O
Headlights/Taillights On M M M O O M O O
Reverse Beeper M M O M M M M O
Reverse Squawker NP O O O O O O O
Hi Vis Tape M O O M M O M O
Wheel Chocks O O O M O O M O
Wheel Nut Indicators O O O O M O O O
Traffic Control Equipment (Triangles) O O O O O M M O
In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) NP M M M NP M NP O
Roll Over Protection Systems (ROPS) R* O M” M M M M M
VHF Radio M O O O M O M O
UHF Radio O M M M O M O M
2nd Spare Wheel O M O O O M O O
3rd Spare Wheel O O O O O M O O
Bull Bar R^ M M” M O M O M
Tow Bar O O O O O M O O
Window Tint O O O O O O O O
Pre Start Inspection Book M O O O M O M O
Emergency Procedures M O O O O O O O
Dynamic Brake Test M O O O O O O O
Hand Brake Alarm M O O O O O O O
Starter Motor Isolator NP O O O O O M O
Jump Start Receptacle NP O O O O O M O
High Vis Colour Vehicle – White M O O M M M M M
ANCAP 5 Star Vehicle M O O O O M O O
Weed and Seed Certificate O M M M O M M M
Recovery Snatch Strap O O NP O O M O O
Recovery Tow Rope O O O O O M O O
D Shackles O O O O O M O O
Shovel O O O O O M O O
Dampener bag O O O O O M O O
Removeable Recovery Hitch O O O O O M O O
MaxTrax O O O O O M O O
Wagons – Extra Specifications
Cargo Barrier M M M M M M M O
Utility Vehicles – Extra Specifications
Steel Tray With Pipe Headboard O M O O O O O O




** Jemena Specifications for the North East Interconnector are preliminary
* from 01/01/2016 BMA spec vehicles are required to be ANCAP 5 Star with no after market modifications. Internal ROPS and External ROPS with roof structures are not permitted however twin hoop reinforced headboard ROPS are allowed.
^ Only Bull Bars tested for ANCAP 5 star rating approval are allowed.
Bull Bar must be airbag compatible. 5 star ANCAP rated vehicles do not require bull bars or ROPS to be fitted
^^ Snake Bite Kit also required.


Mandatory M
Not Permitted NP
Restrictions – Specific R
Optional but sometimes mandatory depending on site or otherwise not stated “not permitted” O


Example of Specific Mine Site Requirements

Santos Case Study

The site authorities have specific requirements for Mine Spec Vehicles entering the Site. They have Weed and Seed Declarations, and also specifications for what items can be attached to a bull bar.

1. Bull bars –

  • Dune pole brackets must not protrude forward from the front of the bull bar, they must be fitted on the bonnet side of the bull bar
  • Driving lights/brackets must not be fitted above the top of any bull bar
  • Driving lights/brackets must not protrude forward from the front face of any bumper or bull bar
  • Dune poles must be fitted to the left hand side of the bull bar
  • Dune pole must be no higher than 3.5 metres from the ground when fitted to the bull bar

2. Dune Pole to be located on the left hand front of the vehicle and fitted with a rectangular orange flag which must be maintained to ensure it remains visible and to its original size. Flag height to be no more than 3.5m from the ground.

3. Fire Extinguishers (1 kg) to be secured on floor in front of L/H Passenger Front seat only.

4. Reverse Warning Beeper – where a vehicle is to be housed in a town/city location a device may be fitted to turn this unit off as it may disturb the public in these areas when reversing. The beeper shall be turned back on when not housed in these areas.

5. Legislation requirements – other items may be fitted if local legislation dictates

6. Road Maps Required

For more information of specific Santos Requirements you can click here.
4x4 vehicle at Mt Isa MineX exhibition
As you would have noted, dealing with differing Mine Specs is a complex issue which really requires specialist. A specialist with the knowledge, large fleet, workshops and team of mechanics that can make changes to the fleet. This is not car hire, it is Mine Spec Vehicle Hire.  Being in this industry for over 25 years, we have become market leaders in mine spec vehicle hire. Our experience, knowledge, and due diligence enable us to make ongoing changes and customisations to our fleet. The goal is to maintain a fleet that is always compliant to industry demands and the needs of our customers. FleetCrew sustains well equipped workshops to make customisation and updates possible.


Should I rent or buy a Mine Spec Vehicle?

As a fleet manager you will already be aware that you can spend too much time dealing with a multitude of suppliers. Buying from one company then getting another organised to do the installation can lead to excessive delays and leave you at risk of non-compliance or an unsafe vehicle.

When you choose to rent your mine spec vehicle from FleetCrew, our exclusive team of professionals will assist you, leaving you in no doubt that you have a vehicle that is fully compliant, fitted out to the highest standards, delivered on time.

The majority of work is carried out in-house by FleetCrew’s exclusive team of professionals including very experienced mechanics. In addition FleetCrew offers you:


The Fleetcrew fleet of mine spec vehicles all come from the proven workhorse Toyota range. We can get you on the road in the vehicle to suit your needs – from single and double cab Utes to 12 seater commuter bus, right through to the luxury of a Land Cruiser 200 Series. FleetCrew has all the latest information to make it a breeze for you to have the right vehicle with all the correct customisation needed for any mine site.

Mine Specs are constantly changing therefore it’s best to work with a company like FleetCrew that has the resources, expertise, supply chain and mechanics all structured to be flexible to varying standards.

mine spec vehicle fleet transported to Mt Isa


Reliability & Safety

Vehicle safety and maintenance can be a costly business so it makes sense to rent your vehicle from Fleetcrew. Our team of skilled mechanics are specially trained to make sure that your vehicle is operating at maximum performance – mechanical repairs, servicing, tyres, batteries, air conditioning and repairs to all the safety equipment fitted. Toyota is one of the most reliable brands on the road, and we will be regularly in touch with you while you have one of our vehicles to make sure that everything is in good working order for you.

onsite maintenance at mine site



Buying your own company fleet of vehicles and fitting them out with mine specs very costly. It is both time consuming and an expensive exercise on capital and on-going maintenance. Unless you can guarantee a high utilisation of your owned mine spec vehicles over a 4 year period then often you will waste money over the life of the vehicle. Especially if you have to sell after only owning them for half that time. The mining industry contracts work on a flexible basis. It’s therefore best to reduce risk and costs by having a portion of your fleet on flexible hire contracts.



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Why choose FleetCrew?

FleetCrew has an impressive 25 years+ of experience. Our specialist team will make sure that you get the right vehicle for the job. This will allow you to get working straight away. FleetCrew is a trusted supplier of mine spec vehicles for long-standing mining companies. Companies we have been working closely with are Santos, QGC spec, and Arrow Energy spec.

We currently have vehicles on some of the biggest mining sites in the country. And we continue to provide vehicles to major international companies working on:

  • Mine sites in the Bowen Basin
  • CSG sites in the Surat Basin
  • Major gas pipeline construction sites
  • MMG and MIM sites in North Queensland
  • Exploration sites all of the country

In short, we are the best solution and service provider for all mine spec hiring and maintenance needs.

mine spec hire specialists

Please view our mine spec fleet to get an idea of what type of mine spec vehicle might suit your needs. Get in contact with our mine spec specialists for a quote or for any questions.

We look forward to creating a solution for you.

If you have an enquiry or would like more information then please fill in the enquiry form and we will get back to you asap during business hours.

If you are seeking a quote for a particular vehicle/s, please visit our Get A Quote page or if want to further information, please visit our FAQs page.

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