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FleetCrew Brisbane

Brisbane’s mining industry is a dynamic force defined by diverse mineral resources, including coal, gold, silver, copper, and more. Brisbane extends its influence from The Surat Basin to Mid-Northern NSW, serving as a crucial gateway for resource exploration, extraction, and exportation.

As the largest specialist 4WD hire company in Brisbane, FleetCrew is committed to supporting the mining industry with reliable Brisbane ute hire services. We cater to the mining sector’s varying stringent requirements, including the esteemed CSG Safer Together Group, consisting of Santos, QGC, Arrow, and Origin. Keen to learn more? Keep reading!

Why Choose FleetCrew

At FleetCrew, we understand the critical importance of efficiency, reliability, and compliance in mining operations. We take pride in tailoring accurate, cost-effective quotes and ensuring that each vehicle has Mine Spec accessories, adhering to the highest safety standards. With flexible hire options, widest range of models and add ons, and fully-equipped workshop for all your maintenance needs, it’s no wonder FleetCrew is the number one choice.

FleetCrew Brisbane Team

FleetCrew’s Brisbane Ute Hire Hub

Less than 10 km northwest of Brisbane’s CBD, FleetCrew’s Brisbane branch is a mere 20-minute drive from Brisbane Airport. Our convenient Enoggera location ensures seamless access for customers travelling to and from the branch.

Our Brisbane ute hire site boasts a diverse selection of top-tier specialist 4×4 hire vehicles, catering to the unique needs of the mining, construction, commercial, and tourism sectors.

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Mining companies we've worked with

Popular Mine Sites Our Brisbane Location Supports

FleetCrew Brisbane is the central coordination point for all vehicle reservations, seamlessly connecting our customers and branches in Dysart, Mackay, Mt Isa, and Cloncurry. With a dedicated Reservations team, we work closely with our customers to tailor accurate quotes and bookings that align with even the most rigorous mine site regulations.

Our compliant vehicles are sourced from Toyota and equipped with Mine Spec accessories at our head office before being efficiently distributed to each branch location. As an accessible and reliable Brisbane ute hire service, FleetCrew is a preferred service provider for major mining companies in Brisbane and beyond. Our key mining sites include:

Known for its abundant Coal Seam Gas (CSG) resources, The Surat Basin is a focal point of mining activity, with the CSG Safer Together initiative driving safe and sustainable extraction practices. FleetCrew Brisbane supplies professional ute hire services for The Surat Basin’s major towns of Miles, Roma, and Windorah.

FleetCrew Brisbane proudly provides professional fleet hire services to the Warwick-MacIntyre Wind precinct (currently under construction), which will house an impressive fleet of 180 turbines.

Moving further into Mid-Northern NSW, the prominent Mt Arthur Coal mine (owned by BHP) significantly contributes to the region’s mining sector. Therefore, it requires durable and reliable Mine Spec fleets, which FleetCrew efficiently delivers.

FleetCrew Brisbane also supports sites in Narrabri, Gunnedah, Cobar, Gladstone and Rockhampton.

Our Fleet

High Quality Toyota Vehicles

Our high quality and recent model 4WD specialist Toyota vehicles have been built to meet your every driving need. Whether you plan to head off on the ultimate off-road adventure*, or require a vehicle for a mining or construction project, FleetCrew have you covered.

How To Make A Brisbane Ute Hire Reservation with FleetCrew

  1. Contact the FleetCrew team to discuss your Brisbane ute hire requirements and timelines. Alternatively, please visit our website and submit a quote request.
  2. Our Reservations team will issue a quote to your email address provided.
  3. Once you have accepted our quote, our Reservations team will promptly issue a booking confirmation, including vital information regarding your vehicle hire and the necessary documents you will need to provide on vehicle collection.
  4. Collect your vehicle from our Enoggera branch – the person picking it up must carefully read and sign the Rental Agreement and Vehicle Condition Report.

Should you have any inquiries or require assistance throughout your hire period, we encourage you to contact us by phone or consult our website’s FAQs section. We aren’t just leaders in Brisbane ute hire for mechanical and technical reasons – old-school integrity, reliability, and transparency are the bedrock of our customer service and success.

Ready to get on the road? Reach out today!

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Efficiently Meeting Stringent Mine Specifications

At FleetCrew, we understand that mining operations demand vehicles that can withstand rugged off-road terrains and meet specific mine site specifications. Our fleet comprises the latest Toyota 4WD models, carefully selected for their reliability and durability. All vehicles are equipped with top-quality accessories and feature upgraded suspension systems to tackle the demanding conditions of remote and rural areas.

Individual mining companies usually impose strict hire restrictions, such as mandatory 4WD training and work safety courses. While FleetCrew does not require such prerequisites, we prioritise safety, and our vehicles undergo thorough inspections to meet the highest standards.

The nature of mining sites can vary greatly, with some located in urban areas. In such cases, the need for a 4WD vehicle may be optional and a 2WD sufficient. FleetCrew remains flexible to meet these site-specific requirements, ensuring our vehicles align with our customers’ operational needs and guidelines.

*FleetCrew’s restrictions are governed by our insurance policy and are contained within the Terms and Conditions of our Rental Agreement.