Our Hire Fleet

We choose Toyota 4WD vehicles for our hire fleet over other brands because in our experience they are tough, reliable and built to withstand the harsh Australian environment.

The specifications on our vehicles are to the highest standard of safety, reliability and functionality. We constantly monitor the light vehicle specification changes across all the major contractors to ensure that our vehicles remain compliant.

In addition, we are aware that specifications can vary from site to site and, to give you peace of mind, we will check your specific site requirements, upon request, to ensure the vehicle is fitted with all the necessary components. The specifications on our hire fleet are second to none. Our entire range of 4WD hire vehicles and a selection of our 2WD hire vehicles have tow bars fitted and can tow within the vehicle manufacturers’ advised towing capacities.

An offering unique to FleetCrew is our ability to fit Cruise Control and GVM Upgrades to Land Cruiser Tray Backs. We apply rigorous standards and controls to our third party suppliers of the major parts including bull bars, ROPS and trays, to ensure that our vehicles meet the highest standards.

Our team of highly experienced mechanics operating from Brisbane and Mt Isa are trained and qualified in fit-outs including IVMS and are also authorised fitters of suspension for GVM upgrades boosting the load capacity and off-road performance of our vehicles. Staying ahead of problems on the road means keeping our vehicles inspection-ready and mechanically sound at all times. Drawing on industry-leading maintenance expertise, FleetCrew technicians perform consistent, quality, preventative maintenance to reduce cost and risk of breakdowns. This ensures that small issues don’t turn into time-consuming larger ones.

When on hire, we keep in regular contact with you to monitor upcoming scheduled maintenance or to arrange repairs as required. When we identify the need to conduct servicing or repairs, we work with you to determine the most convenient time and location to the have the work carried out. We provide ongoing support with maintenance scheduling and bookings, repairs, registrations, insurances, tolls and roadside assistance. We also offer In Vehicle Monitoring Systems and reporting.

We Provide Mine Spec Hire Vehicles

Mine Spec
Hire Vehicles

We pride ourselves on tailoring our Toyota vehicles to meet the mining specifications of all owners and operators.  We can add any specifications you require to operate efficiently. Our ongoing support network and maintenance program will ensure maximum productivity.

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We Provide Construction and Civil Hire Vehicles

Construction & Civil
Hire Vehicles

Our Construction and Civil Hire vehicles offer specifications and functionality customised to suit your specific needs. From rotating beacons, reverse beepers and UHF radios to a canopy or ladder rack, our vehicles are of the highest quality and offer great value for money.

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We Provide Recreational 4WD Hire Vehicles

Recreational 4WD
Hire Vehicles

We provide high quality vehicles for recreational hire designed to suit recreational purposes. With tow bars, upgraded suspension for extra clearance and automatic or heavy-duty clutch, our recreational vehicles are allowed off road including on the beach.

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FleetCrew offers market leading 4wd Hire Vehicles and Maintenance Services
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