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Operating from Brisbane, FleetCrew was founded by the families of Mary-Ann Strelow and Ben Harris. Both founders have extensive 4wd hire and maintenance industry experience. The Strelow and Harris families have created an industry unique culture of service excellence, reliability and maximum flexibility.

Mary-Ann Strelow – Executive Director

Mary-Ann Strelow – Executive Director

Mary-Ann is a hands-on leader, and no task is too small if it makes the business better. She is known for her uncanny ability to fully understand industry and exponentially grow businesses.

Her 25 years experience in the vehicle maintenance and hire industry at all levels of operations, has given her the insight to establish a business that is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations.

Mary-Ann is in charge of ensuring quality across all levels of the organisation. Together with Ben, she is involved at the strategic direction of the business and maintains consistent presence to uphold cohesive strategic consequence across operations, customer service and ensuring the FleetCrew culture is alive and well.
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Ben Harris – Executive Director

Ben Harris – Executive Director

Ben’s attention to detail has helped make FleetCrew the company that it is today. He has the invaluable ability to translate operational excellence across all levels of the organization.

At FleetCrew, Ben is never at rest. He is constantly looking to identify newer, more efficient tools and opportunities to better the direction of the company. His background of senior executive and operations positions allows him to look at the functionality of the company on a wider scale, making smart decisions from a business strategy perspective while fostering the realities of day to day operations.

Teaming his and Mary-Ann’s experience and knowledge combined with creating a team culture and focus on customer service has seen FleetCrew grow exponentially since its inception.

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FleetCrew offers market leading 4wd Hire Vehicles and Maintenance Services
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